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Office of Rail Heritage – Projects - Ca$h On Track, The Story of the Rail Pay Bus

Thank You

This exhibition has been produced with the assistance of many individuals and organisations including Australian Railway Historical Society - NSW Division; Powerhouse Museum, Eveleigh Press; Fairfaxphotos; Parkes Historical Society; State Records NSW.

Special thanks for all the RailCorp Business groups who contributed including Payroll Services, Rail Recovery Team, Training, Rollingstock, Communications, Security, Special Events and Central Station Management.

Particular thanks to the individuals who gave their time and expertise including Graham Ball; John Beckhaus; Alan Brown; Len Freeman; Stephen Halgren; George Hoskins; Yvonne and John Hutton; Philip Lee; Peter Neve; Bill Pascoe; Richard Philpott; Greg Sayer; Ross Seghers; Robert Taafe, Hani Ibrahim, Reg Agar, Nicola McCallum, Michael Logue, Les Kelemen, Eleni Koureas, Alfonso Mateo, Colin Tyson, Leslie Zoghbi, Kevin Travis, Glen Donaldson, Leigh Lawton, Margaret Durham, Ron Devitt, Darren Wolff, Peter Butler, Robert Matheson, Alison Baker, Steven Baker, Paul Rea, Francis Wilkins; Gavin Houston; Mark Rayward, Shane Wheeler, Matt Dunn, Ross Seghers, Patrick Donoghue; Angelo Gouramanis; Antonio Limonelli, Mohamad Elwazze, Mark McGavin, Mohamad Samman; Mark Wickens; Glen Green; Petar Majstorovic; Michael De La Motte; Daniel Nightingale, Daniel Page, Robert Zappala, Simon Ricketts, Sarah Jane Brazil, Sarah Grosse; Jacquelene Irwin; Laura Naimo, Peter Berriman, Richard Mulvaney.


The Pay Bus Restoration Program has been assisted by the NSW Rail Transport Museum (custodian of Paybus FP1), the Sydney Bus and Truck Museum, Australian Railway Historical Society NSW, TAFE NSW and local businesses. Silhouette Smash Repairs lent the use of their facilities and a sign writer and spray painter to train the apprentices painting the bus. O'Brien Glass donated their time to fit the glass into the quarter window frame.

The restoration work took place at the Apprentice Training Annexe in the historic rail precinct at Eveleigh where rail industry neighbours made valuable contributions to the project. RailCorp's Rollingstock Division's Xplorer/ Endeavour Service Centre acted as a big brother to the Apprentice Training Annexe and greatly assisted with technical support and the maintenance of the training facility. Millenium/Oscar Train Operations and private rail car maintenance companies EDI and UG generously lent equipment and donated components to the project.

Restoration Team for FPI Pay Bus


Nathan Windsor 2 June 2008 to 31 July 2009
Glenn Marando 2 June 2008 to 31 July 2009
Robert Zappala 2 June 2008 to 31 July 2009
Troy Mahlenhoff 2 June 2008 to 6 March 2009
Lara Azzopardi 28 October 2008 to 31 July 2009
David Kerr 8 September 2008 to 24 July 2009
Daniel Marshall 2 June 2008 to 14 Nov 2008
Jarome Pirozzi 2 June 2008 to 14 Nov 2008
Callum Farmer 23 September 2008 to 16 April 2009
Raymond Bull 9 February 2009 to 24 July 2009
Lorenzo Yco David 8 September 2008 to 9 February 2009
Kaine Treleaven 9 February 2009 to 16 April 2009
Glen Verdich 16 March 2009 to 16 April 2009
David Ingram 29 June 2008 to 24 July 2009
Matthew Bradbury day to day as required
Mohammed Zreika day to day as required

Staff and Volunteers

Michael De La Motte
Project Manager Heritage Restoration
Daniel Nightingale, VBB tradesman/trainer
Chris Weir, RSD, VBB tradesman
Graham Ball, volunteer fitter machinist
Greg Sayer, volunteer carpenter
Peter Macfarlane, volunteer painter

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